B-Stream is a communications provider offering enhanced Global Content Delivery Network (CDN) and Value -Add Services.

The company allows strong and powerful solutions (such as premium encoding services, global Caching and Download services, Extended libraries, Webcasts, interactive Apps, Live and on-demand video streaming, Online video platforms, IP and collocation services, Elemental Technologies distribution…).

Founded in 2008, B-Stream has firstly specialized in balanced, cost-effective delivery of Live streaming events (Live concerts for European rock bands), video conference for small and large group of people and likewise video and caching solutions for business and civil service needs.

B-Stream and its business and technological partners have also been engaged in VOD, gaming and publishing solutions across multiple high quality and recognized telecom and content providers’ platforms to small and large audiences across the world. Our multiple broadest and very innovative Content Delivery Network (CDN) platforms enable customers to move rich-media content to the end user more quickly and efficiently than ever in a world where delivery and users are everywhere. Our flexible network proactively scales edge servers to meet your latency and usage demand which enables cost effective operations for your website needs. That means your end users receive a better web experience, which we think beyond the delivered quality results in additional customer loyalty.
B-Stream is also a specialized distributor of Elemental Technologies solutions for premium encoding services. Elemental encoders allow very dense streaming solutions to multiple devices.

In other words :

B-Stream brings you what you can expect from your partner; a Service, speed, and reliability — these are what you rely on to deliver rich media experiences, and they are the core focus of B-Stream. More than simply relying on the most experienced content delivery networks through the world, B-Stream wants to empower you to engage your audience and deliver premium interactive experiences. Our services encompass caching and streaming video production and custom application development.


We are some enthusiastic people. We are so excited to see you here. Let us introduce ourselves.

  • Christian Fadin
    Christian Fadin CEO
  • Julien Roch
    Julien Roch CTO

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